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B4B Group Fundraiser Program
Terms & Conditions

Groups, Organizations and Teams must be officially registered with the school in which they are affiliated. Bucks4Books will only recognize members of the Group Fundraiser Program as certified organizations from two or four-year colleges and universities from the United States and Canada.

A Group must accumulate at least $20.00 in commission before it is paid out. Any Group that does not have this amount at the end of a pay period will have their earning carried over into the next payment period. As a member of the Standard Group Fundraiser your earnings will be banked directly into your group's account.

If you are member of the 50/50 fundraiser, we will take the total earnings from each pay period and bank half into your group's account and donate the other half to the selected charity. At the end of the semester we will total up your group's earnings from each pay period (including prize & referral bonuses) and distribute half into your group's account and send a check for the remaining half to your selected charity in your name.

Bucks4Books reserves the right to withhold any Group's payment who we feel has violated the integrity of the program.

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B4B Group Fundraiser