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Potential Partners

We here at Bucks4Books are always open to new ventures if it helps the communities we serve improve socially, environmentally and/or economically. Whether you are a local business with a great idea for a partnership or cross-promotion or a non-profit literacy organization in need of additional funding or resources, please feel free to contact us anytime.


Do what you already do at the end of the semester... sell your textbooks back. Only this time get more when you Sell Textbooks by taking them to any Bucks4Books location or by selling them online at Bucks4Books.com. And now you can donate the books that are not buyable or have little market demand through the B4B Book Recycling Program.

Student Organizations

Join the B4B Group Fundraiser Program and sponser a B4B Book Drive this semester. Qualified groups will be given full reign over a Book Drive and will receive a percentage of the proceeds from every book that is sold back during the book drive.


Bring in your older edition, teacher editions and/or work books. Although we may not be able to buy them back, you can still put them to good use by donating them to help a local literacy organization.


When books get to old and you dont have room for them, don't throw them away, bring them into a Bucks4Books Hub near you and donate them. This way these classics will continue to be read for many years to come, instead of thrown into some closet or garbage.

Members of the Community

Stop into any B4B Sell Back Hub and donate your older, gently used books. We will give you a donation receipt and you will leave knowing the books you've cherished will be given to help make your community a better place and give students of all ages a brighter future.


You can help too... get into our store and into our bins so we can give you to a good owner and you can take it from there!