The B4B Guarantee

A Guide to Success

At Bucks4Books our success is achieved by giving our customers an unmatched textbook sell back experience. To do this we are committed to providing the best possible prices, convenience and service.


Our prices are derived from the most advanced pricing formulas in the industry. We have the advantage of pricing our books against more key pricing guides than any other bookstore in the country. This gives us the opportunity to offer the best possible prices in the industry when it comes to selling back college textbooks. As is the basic laws of supply and demand, we can achieve the best prices because we have more sources to formulate our prices and more avenues to distribute our books!


The concept of our stores and website revolves around the convenience of our customers' experience. Our unique business model allows us to use real-time pricing to check a student's books and determine the best possible price within seconds. In our Textbook Sell Back Hubs, cash is exchanged for the books and the student is done with his or her transaction. This model gives us the opportunity to virtually eliminate lines in all bricks & mortar locations. On our website, we use the same pricing formula to give instantaneous price quotes on textbooks and then instructions on how to ship them in. When books are received in our warehouse we cut a check within 24 hours, giving students all across the country a fast and reliable service!


Every B4B employee, from CEO to Hub Employee, is dedicated to providing the best possible service to each and every customer. This means a friendly, knowleadgable staff is always readily available to help make your transaction as enjoyable as possible, whether you're selling textbooks in online or in person.