Group Fundraiser

B4B Group Fundraiser Program
How It Works


Upon registration, your group creates your own unique promotional code, which consists of 6-8 characters (i.e. AEPhi247). When your code is used by customers (such as yourselves), as they sell books online or in one of our hubs, they receive an additional 5% for their books and your group earns 5% commission.


You can begin using your promotional code to earn commission as soon as your group is approved. Your goal is to drive students to B4B Sell back hubs and/or, to use your code when they sell their books back. To help you get started you should begin promoting to the people closest to you; fellow group members, classmates and peers.

For online groups (with a B4B Sell Back Hub close by), once you register, you can request a promotional start-up kit that will include everything that you will need to get started earning money. For "local" groups you can pickup your promotional start-up kit at the location you registered under as your "local hub."

Any additional material that you may want can be downloaded and printed from your Group's Personal Account Page. Any material that you want to create must be approved by the marketing manager before it is distributed.

Get Paid

General Information - Your group receives 5% commission on every book that is bought back either online or in our hubs. As each customer uses your promotional code to sell their books, you can view your commission, referrals and contest standing in "real-time" on your Group's Personal Account Page.

B4B Sell Back Contest - In addition to the commission your groups earns, you will also be automatically entered into the B4B Sell Back Contest at the beginning of each semester. Top B4B Group Fundraising organizations are eligible to win one of 8 cash prizes totaling $1,500!

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B4B Sell Back Contest!

In addition to the commission your group earns, you will be eligible for $1,500 in cash prizes that we pay out to the top promoters each semester.

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