Bucks4Books Company History

Bucks4Books was founded in 2002 by a small group of college students from SUNY Fredonia who were looking for a faster, more profitable alternative for selling-back their college textbooks.

Humble Beginning

After extensive industry research, a great opportunity presented itself as the students began a textbook sell back service while providing superior prices and conveniences. Initially, these students began buying back textbooks from fellow students out of their dorm rooms; offering more money than the campus bookstore and a quicker alternative to waiting in line. These books were then sold online which, in turn, raised enough capital to buy more books the next semester. As each semester passed the business grew more prosperous and eventually the students opened their first "Textbook Sell Back Hub" called ValoreBooks in Fredonia, New York.

Early Success

After graduating, the entrepreneurs expanded their business to Buffalo, NY, with the opening of three new Textbook Sell Back Hubs. With a larger student population in Buffalo, ValoreBooks' success continued to grow exponentially as satisfied customers spread the word and returned each semester.

Developing the Business & Expansion

With the success of their unique business model, the team at ValoreBooks decided it would be advantageous to expand into other territories across the country. With expansion in mind, ValoreBooks decided to change its name to Bucks4Books in order to give prospective customers a better idea of the service that they provided. Bucks4Books launched its expansion with three new sell back hubs, one in Rochester, NY and two in Utah in Salt Lake City and Provo. These were the first Textbook Sell Back Hubsto operate under the new name of Bucks4Books. The four ValoreBooks stores will undergo the transition to the Bucks4Books brand in the summer of 2008.

New Programs

Bucks4Books has launched an additional platform for students to sell college textbooks with the same price advantage and convenience as in the sell back hubs. Bucks4Books.com was launched in March of 2008, allowing students from across the United States and Canada to sell textbooks online and ship them to Bucks4Bucks at no cost, with a payment check mailed to them in a matter of days. With the rapid growth and success of Bucks4Books' business, the team decided that the time has come to start giving back to the community. With this in mind, Bucks4Books established the B4B Fund in the spring of 2008. This program allocates a percentage of the profit from each book sale to help fund literacy programs around the world. This allows students to giveback to their communities with every book they sell back to Bucks4Books.

The Future

The original Bucks4Books team has planted the foundation for success. The culture and values of this company have been established so that the character of this organization will resonate through every employee, from the top down and spill overinto the hearts and wallets of our customers. Bucks4Books continues to grow each semester and looks forward to supporting each community it ventures into, in hopes of one day reaching its goal of giving all students the best alternative for selling back their textbooks!

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