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Raising money is a vital part of your organization's existence. We at Bucks4Books realize this and would like to give you the opportunity to raise extra money for your group or a special cause, through our Group Fundraiser Program. Almost every college student returns his or her books at the end of the semester, and this program allows Groups to capitalize on this opportunity and earn some extra cash in the process. If your organization is set financially, this is a great chance to raise money for a charity or cause that your organization strongly believes in.

There are three types of B4B Group Fundraisers you can choose from:

Standard Group Fundraiser - Under this category 100% of the money your group raises (including any bonuses and referrals) goes directly to your group's account and you are free to do whatever you would like with it.

50/50 Fundraiser - The 50/50 is just how it sounds. 50% of the money your group earns will go directly to your group's account and the other 50% will be donated to a charitable organization that your group chooses. This is a great fundraiser for those groups who want to give a little and get a little at the same time.

Make a Difference Fundraiser - This last type is for the groups that are true difference makers. Under this classification B4B will donate 100% of the money your group earns to a charitable organization of your choice. If you decide to donate your money to a charity from the list that Bucks4Books has provided or directly to the B4B Fund, we will give you an additional 2% on top of the standard 5% rate. We offer this incentive to build a good relationship with the charities we work with and to make a bigger difference. The charitable organization will receive a check under your name and you will be included in the Make a Difference section on

Bucks4Books provides a list of charities for your group to choose from. If you would like to choose a different charity, B4B will research and approve the credibility of the organization before any money is donated.

Once Established as a B4B Group Fundraising organization your group may also be eligible to sponsor a B4B Book Drive at your local B4B Sell Back Hub.

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