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B4B Group Fundraiser Program
How To Promote

Promoting can be simple and fun. Think outside the box and be creative. We will provide you with a multitude of promoting tools to ensure your success. Your goal is to let students know how they can save money on their books. Create a promotional strategy that suits your campus. Remember, no one knows your campus better than you! Those of you in big student organizations such as fraternities and sororities, you are at a great advantage because you have access to a large population of fellow students who are close to you!

Also, keep in mind that as a member of the Group Fundraiser Program your group is representing our company and the Bucks4Books Brand. Please demonstrate behavior that is both respectable and appropriate at all times while a member of this program.

Once registered, You will be given a number of promoting tips, tricks and tools along with access to the B4B Group/Rep forum where you are able to meet, communicate and share ideas with other B4B Groups and Campus Reps from around the country. This will help you make the most out of your B4B Group fundraising experience and hopefully allow you to reach your group's goals.

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