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The majority of college students are broke! We at Bucks4Books have been there before and would like to give you the opportunity to raise extra money for yourself or a cause that you believe in, through our Campus Rep Program. Almost every college student returns his or her books at the end of the semester, and this program allows Campus Reps to capitalize on this opportunity and earn some much needed cash in the process.

There are 3 major benefits to becoming a B4B Campus Rep:

1. Earn Extra Money - You can earn some much needed cash towards the end of the semester by simply promoting to fellow students and telling them the benefits of returning their books to Bucks4Books. This is great because every student already sells their books back anyway, so why not help them get more money! If you are set financially, this is a great chance to raise money for a charity or cause that you strongly believe in.

2. Get More Back - You can use your own promo code! Every time you or someone you promoted to uses your promotional code to sell their books back to Bucks4Books either online or in a B4B Sell Back Hub, they will receive an additional 5% back on their books. You can help yourself, as well as your peers get the most money possible for textbooks.

3. Gain Experience - The Campus Rep Program is a great resume builder. As you graduate college and head into the "Real World" the skills and experience you acquire from this program will impress any future employer! From networking and sales experience to organization and strategy, this program was designed to help you gain valuable business experience while still in school. Top Campus Reps have also been hired right out of college to fill lucrative Bucks4Books management positions across the country.

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