Group Fundraiser

B4B Group Fundraiser Program
The Potential

Formula for Success:

Commission + Cash Prizes = BIG BUCKS!

For all you math buffs let's say...

You promote to your college campus which has roughly 10,000 students enrolled during the last few weeks of classes. Of those 10,000 students you are able to get just 3% (300) of the students to sell their books back using your promotional code with the average sell back price being $65. Furthermore, you end up finishing 3rd in the competition.

That Means...

300 students - Total students who used your group's code

X________$65 - Average buyback price

$19,500 - Total book buyback value

X________5% - Percentage of commission you earn

$975 - Total commission your group earns

+_______$250 - 3rd place finish cash prize

$1225 - Total commission + cash prize

$1,225 - Total money your group earned in a few days!

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B4B Group Fundraiser B4B Group Fundraiser