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Success Stories

  • "I was broke as a joke my first two years at school, and a friend told me about the B4B Campus Rep Program so I joined and I finally have some cash to go out and do laundry!"

    Andrew Z., SUNY Buffalo

  • "I finished in 3rd place in the Sell Back Contest last semester just by telling my friends to bring their books to Bucks4Books, This program is really cool - a few hundred bucks for a couple hours of work, I'll take it!"

    Anna B., Canisius College

  • "I have two jobs and a full class schedule. As a B4B Group Rep I've been able to earn money for school without putting in a ton of time, I have seriously told all my roommates to join - as long as they say I referred them."

    Sam S., Medaille College

  • "Sick! My B4B Campus Rep experience has been ridiculous. I've promoted all over campus two weeks before finals and then I track my standings online. I want to get into sales when I graduate and this is real-world sales experience I can add to my resume."

    Dan W., SUNY Fredonia

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