B4B Literacy Programs

The B4B Fund
Program Details

Along with spreading the word about literacy awareness to the communities in which we serve through all of our marketing efforts and social inititiveswe will also provide our Non-Profit Literacy Partners with direct funding in two ways:

Percentage of Proceeds:

At the end of each semester, Bucks4Books will donate a percentage of the proceeds from every book bought back in every B4B Hub to its corresponding Local Literacy Partner. And a percentage of all the proceeds from books bought back through our website will be donated to international non-profit literacy organizations. This way we can focus our brick & mortar literacy efforts on local and national organizations and our online service will strive to positivily impact literacy inititives abroad.

Recycled Books & Book Drive Donations:

Each of our Textbook Sell Back Hubs house B4B Book Recycling Bins where students can drop off their unwanted or unbuyable books. Members of the community are alsoincouraged to drop off gently used or out dated books throughout the year. We then do one of two things with these books, based on their condition and content:

          A.   We donate them directly to our local literacy partner to be used in schools, libraries and tutoring, or

          B.   We sell the books online and use the proceeds from the book sale to help fund new books or
                other resources that the organization may need.

We also hold two Book Drives throughout the course of the year at each Hub location where we promote anyone and everyone to come in and donate their used books and textbooks. For this event each Hub teamsup with a student organization who is involved in the B4B Group Fundraiser Program.