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Textbook Industry Information

The textbook industry is a complex and dynamic marketplace. With limited accessible book information provided by campus bookstores it is understandable why college students and parents alike are often left confused and frustrated at the end of the semester. Bucks4Books' goal as a company is to provide a "Refreshing Textbook Experience" and that means being honest and strait forward with our customers.

Below is some common knowledge information, as well as some things you may not know, about different Textbook Sell Back alternatives and the pros and cons of each. After reading the following you will see that by doing just a little homework you can find the option that best suits your needs as well as save yourself (and your parents) hundreds on textbooks each semester - as well as eliminate a lot of frustration.

Campus Bookstore

The pros for selling textbooks back at the on campus bookstore are - convenience, and receiving cash on the spot. Also, sometimes campus bookstores print "custom edition" books that can only be bought back at that particular location. The cons are - limited sell back dates, limited quotas for buying back certain titles and quantities of book titles, and long lines. A majority of campus bookstores also refuse to buy textbooks that are missing CD's and other supplemental material.

Some campus bookstores may offer 50 percent cash back on textbooks however; this offer is usually limited to a certain number of titles and a certain quantity per title. The campus store may attempt to make this offer when they are aware of a particular title being used again in the following school term. However, the end of the school term is such a busy time, and sometimes professors may not have the time to submit their book requisitions to the campus store before buybacks begin. This makes it very difficult for the campus store to know which books to buy back, let alone for 50 percent.

Off campus sell back stores

The other option is to sell textbooks at an off-campus sell back store such as Bucks4Books. Companies like Bucks4Books gives immediate cash at a competitive sell back price, more books titles are accepted for buyback, you can sell back books year round, and books without CDs and accessories are accepted. Off-campus bookstores often can offer more money for textbooks than the on-campus bookstore because they use a number of different wholesalers to generate their buyback values, which increases the amount of titles that they are able to purchase. One thing some students may consider a drawback is that store locations are close to campus, but may be somewhat inconvenient for students who live on campus.

Online marketplace

A third option is selling books at an online marketplace such as www.valorebooks.com which can often translate into a better sell back price because students cut out the middle man. Marketplaces usually charge a small fee when the book sells, and the buyer generally pays for shipping. So it's up to students to set the selling price in order to be profitable. The biggest problem with selling on an online marketplace is that students have to wait (usually until the next semester) for their book to sell before they receive payment, and they have to be ready to ship it as soon as it sells.

Online sell back service

The fourth option is to sell textbooks through an online textbook sell back service such as www.bucks4books.com. The pros are - instant price quotes, competitive sell back prices, and more options for selling specific titles. Also sell back services are available year round and they pay faster than selling through an online marketplace. The cons are students must pay for shipping and the transaction is not as speedy as an on-campus or off-campus bookstore.

Online textbook sell back services have become a very useful resource for college students and are growing in popularity. Students can get an instant price quote for their books from an online sell back service at anytime. Prices are generally very competitive and an online sell back service will buy more titles and quantities per title. They can do this because rather than just buying books to be re-sold at your school, they resell books to students nationwide.

An online sell back service will also have a much larger inventory compared to the on campus bookstore. This will allow students to search for textbooks based on price, comments, condition, and edition. Students can also easily save hundreds of dollars by purchasing the previous edition of a required textbook.

Hopefully this has given you a brief insight to the different options that are available when it comes to selling back your books. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us directly.