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Family Literacy Centers
Provo, Utah

A non-profit, charitable service organization dedicated to the elimination of illiteracy, FLC facilitates the creation of local, independent, and self-funded learning centers. Each center assists families and individuals to effectively read, write and communicate in English with one-to-one tutoring assistance from trained volunteers, teachers, and parents.

Visit Us: www.flcinc.org

JZN Family Foundation
Salt Lake City, Utah

A non-profit, free program for elementary school children, from ages five to twelve years old. JZN uses volunteer tutors and partners with the county to utilize their space for classrooms. It is a free service to all children who are struggling with reading and also encourages members of the communityto volunteer their time to help tutor.

Contact: DWeierholt@yahoo.com

Rochester Education Foundation
Rochester, New York

The Rochester Education Foundation is an independent organization whose mission is to provide resources to improve learning and success for all Rochester city public school students through the cultivation of partnerships between education, business and the community.

Visit Us: www.RochesterEducation.org